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Various Head Shapes

Shaft Flex and Selection

    Shaft Flex:

  • Flex - The shaft’s resistance to bending during the golf swing
  • Grades of Shaft Flex - Indicated on each shaft
    • “L” = Ladies
    • “A” = Senior
    • “R” = Regular
    • “S” = Stiff
  • Increases stability and reduces twisting at impact for a straighter shot
  • Highest MOI (moment of inertia) of all driver shapes
  • Most forgiving on extreme off center hits (toe and heel)
  • Poor shot shaping capability
  • Beneficial for novice and intermediate players


  • Correct shaft selection is crucial
  • A player’s swing speed is the most important factor
  • Shafts effect both direction and trajectory
  • Players with slower swing speeds will benefit from a shaft with more flex
  • Higher flex increases club head speed resulting in a longer shot
  • Players with faster swing speeds will benefit from a shaft with less flex

9.5R + 450CC = a 9.5 degree loft (9.5), regular shaft flex (R), and a 450 cubic-centimeter club head (450CC)

Types of Irons